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  1. Sale
    Rounders Sets | Rounders Equipment | Net World Sports

    Rounders Sets [Bats, Balls, Poles, Bases & Carry Bag]

    Special Price HK$434.00

    Regular Price: HK$559.00

  2. Sale
    Rounders Bats [Regulation]

    Rounders Bats [Regulation]

    Special Price HK$69.00

    Regular Price: HK$99.00

  3. Sale
    Rounders Ball - Rounders School Equipment

    Rounders Match Balls [6 Pack]

    Special Price HK$199.00

    Regular Price: HK$289.00

  4. Sale
    Indoor Rounders Balls | Indoor Balls | Net World Sports

    Indoor Rounders Balls [6 Pack]

    Special Price HK$179.00

    Regular Price: HK$199.00

  5. Sale
    Rounders Bases & Poles (Set of 4) | Net World Sports

    Rounders Base & Pole [4 Pack]

    Special Price HK$299.00

    Regular Price: HK$399.00

  6. Sale
    Rounders Bases (4 Pack) | Rounders Pole Base | Net World Sports

    Rounders Base [4 Pack]

    Special Price HK$199.00

    Regular Price: HK$289.00

  7. Sale
    Rounders Poles (4 Pack) | Rounders Base Poles | Net World Sports

    Rounders Pole [4 Pack]

    Special Price HK$199.00

    Regular Price: HK$289.00

  8. Sale
    Rounders Batting Tee | Rounders Practice Equipment | Net World Sports

    Rounders Batting Tee

    Special Price HK$419.00

    Regular Price: HK$559.00

  9. Sale
    Hurdle Pole Extension Kit | Net World Sports

    Adjustable Hurdle Extension Kit

    Special Price HK$149.00

    Regular Price: HK$239.00

  10. Sale
    Adjustable Training Hurdles | Net World Sports

    Adjustable Training Hurdles [1.2m/1.5m]

    Special Price HK$729.00

    Regular Price: HK$1,049.00

  11. Sale
    Superdome Cone Hurdle Set | Net World Sports

    Superdome Cone Hurdle Set

    Special Price HK$499.00

    Regular Price: HK$644.00

  12. Multibuy! Save Up To 6%
    FORZA Training Marker Cones | Net World Sports

    FORZA Training Marker Cones [5 Colours]

    Special Price HK$159.00

    Regular Price: HK$199.00

  13. Sale
    FORZA Premier Sports Ball Carry Bag | Net World Sports

    FORZA Premier Ball Carry Bag

    Special Price HK$199.00

    Regular Price: HK$299.00

  14. Sale
    Flexible Training Cones [6 Pack] | Net World Sports

    Flexible Training Cones [6 Pack]

    Special Price HK$159.00

    Regular Price: HK$289.00

  15. Sale
    Line Marking Stakes [10 Pack] | Net World Sports

    Line Marking Stakes [10 Pack]

    Special Price HK$699.00

    Regular Price: HK$999.00

  16. Sale
    Reaction Speed Training Balls | Net World Sports

    METIS Reflex Reaction Ball [2 Sizes]

    Special Price HK$99.00

    Regular Price: HK$239.00

  17. Sale
    Coaching Magnets for Folders | Net World Sports

    Small Coaching Folder Magnets (1cm)

    Special Price HK$79.00

    Regular Price: HK$149.00

  18. Sale
    FORZA Aluminium Multi-Sports Bench- Sideline Sports Seats

    FORZA Aluminium Multi-Sports Bench- Sideline Sports Seats

    Special Price HK$2,419.00

    Regular Price: HK$3,039.00

  19. Sale
    Boot Wiper and Scraper For Two People

    Heavy Duty Boot Scraper & Wiper [Single/Double/Triple]

    Special Price HK$2,519.00

    Regular Price: HK$4,449.00

  20. Sale
    Shoe Wiper And Scraper

    Compact Boot Scraper Brush & Wiper

    Special Price HK$1,699.00

    Regular Price: HK$3,219.00

  21. Sale
    RapidFire Handheld Rebounder | Multi-Sport Training Tool | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Handheld Rebounder

    Special Price HK$599.00

    Regular Price: HK$769.00

  22. Sale
    RapidFire Flash Pop-Up Rebounder | 8 x 5 Rebound Net | Net World Sports

    RapidFire Flash Pop-Up Rebounder (2.4m x 1.5m)

    Special Price HK$964.00

    Regular Price: HK$1,454.00

  23. Sale
    Large RapidFire Mega Rebounder Net World Sports

    RapidFire Mega Rebounder

    Special Price HK$2,099.00

    Regular Price: HK$2,599.00

  24. Sale
    Metric Measuring Wheel For Line marking | Net World Sports

    Metric Measuring Wheel

    Special Price HK$809.00

    Regular Price: HK$1,019.00

Net World Sports offers all the equipment you require for a fun game of the popular team sport rounders. Our sturdy rounders bats include a rubber handle for great grip, while our packs of 6 rounders balls have stitched seams that guarantee a long life. Complete your collection with our rounders bases & rounders poles, or choose from our complete rounders sets.