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Cricket Germination Sheets

These professional-quality Cricket Germination Sheets will keep your cricket wickets in pristine condition. Crafted from ultra-durable knitted HDPE with reinforced hemmed edges & rust-resistant eyelets. 3 sizes available.

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Professional Cricket Germination Sheets – Wicket Protection & Growth

Cricket Germination Sheets Specifications

Sizes Available:

  • 39ft x 6ft | 12m x 2m
  • 59ft x 6ft | 18m x 2m
  • 82ft x 13ft | 25m x 4m


  • Cricket Covers are manufactured using ultra-durable knitted HDPE
  • Rust & corrosion resistant eyelets (smaller sizes)


  • Cricket covers protect wickets from elements whilst allowing grass to grow
  • Smaller sizes (39ft x 6ft, 59ft x 6ft) feature reinforced hemmed edges & eyelets
  • Larger size (82ft x 13ft) has a plain edge WITHOUT hemmed edges or eyelets
Cricket Germination Sheets For Wicket Protection & Growth

These Cricket Germination Sheets are a must-have for ground staff wanting to keep their cricket wickets in pristine condition. Expertly crafted using knitted HDPE tape, these cricket wicket covers are innovatively designed to offer exceptional protection to your wicket. Whilst protecting your turf, these pitch protectors also allow for enough warmth, moisture & oxygen to allow your seeds to grow – even when fully-sheltered from the elements. Available in 3 different sizes, these Cricket Germination Sheets feature reinforced hemmed edges with rust-resistant eyelets – allowing you to secure your pitch protector to prevent it from blowing away.

  • Professional Cricket Germination Sheets – choice of 3 sizes available
  • Manufactured using ultra-durable knitted HDPE tape (100% weatherproof)
  • Cricket covers protect wickets whilst allowing for growth underneath
  • Features reinforced hemmed edges for increased strength & durability
  • Edges come with rust & corrosion-resistant eyelets to secure pitch protectors

PLEASE NOTE: The largest Cricket Germination Sheet (82ft x 13ft) does NOT feature a reinforced hemmed edge or rust-resistant eyelets as they are better suited to protecting an entire cricket square.

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