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Cricket Matting

The ultimate cricket matting range guaranteed to provide you with the most realistic artificial wicket providing real match situation scenarios - only at Net World Sports.

With a range of professional standard cricket matting suitable for schools, clubs and indoor facilities, the Net World Sports cricket matting range stocks products for every type of cricket facility.

At Net World Sports, we understand how important a top-quality pitch is to cricket clubs, with the amount of games and frustrating weather, it’s not always possible to have the perfect cricket surface in every facility. Which is why we have developed an extensive range of the highest quality artificial cricket matting capable of lasting up to 20 years.

Beginning with our range of Club Spec Cricket Matting, suitable for both indoor and outdoor, the Club Spec range comes in four different widths; 1.2m, 2m, 2.74m and 4m. Featuring in-built shock pads for consistent bounce, the Club Spec matting is available in any length up to 30m, meaning you can build a fully customisable artificial wicket. Manufactured from a heavy-duty UV stabilised polypropylene, the Club Spec range is ideal for schools and clubs who are looking for a high-quality artificial wicket for training sessions or matches. The Club Spec range meets club specifications as it is 12mm thick, whilst the yarn is needle-punched in to the built-in shock pad for enhanced strength and durability. The Club Spec Cricket Matting requires laying on a flat hard surface and being secured to the surface by using nails, pegs, glue or adhesive tape which are all stocked by Net World Sports – ensuring you can prepare your wicket without any effort.

Next in our Cricket Matting range is the Roll Down Lightweight Cricket Matting, suitable for temporary training or games, the roll down matting is manufactured from a heavy-duty UV stabilised polypropylene capable of withstanding the toughest of training sessions. The Lightweight cricket matting is predominantly designed for indoor use, but is more than capable of being used outside due to the matting being weatherproof. The key to the Roll Down matting is that it requires no fixtures or fittings, it simply rolls on to a flat hard surface and you are ready to play, ensuring you can instantly start your training or matches. The Roll Down matting weighs approximately 1.6kg per square metre and comes in one width which is 2m, but similar to the Club Spec range, the Roll Down matting is available in lengths up to 30m. An alternative to our Roll Down Lightweight Cricket Matting is the Heavy-Duty Roll Down product, featuring a built-in non-stick PVC backing, the heavy-duty alternative weighs 4.5kg per square metre. The heavy-duty Roll Down matting is also UV stabilised polypropylene which features yarn that is needle-punched in to special non-slip PVC backing, ensuring strength and durability for every session. Whilst the Lightweight Roll Down matting came in at 12mm thick, the heavy-duty alternative goes on better with 13mm thick matting for exceptionally reliable bounce. Perfect for schools and clubs looking for a temporary fixture for training sessions, indoor use or matches, the Roll Down cricket matting range is guaranteed to provide an excellent wicket for your batsmen and bowlers.

Following our Roll Down range is the Test Match Grade Cricket Matting. With an in-built shock pad for truer bounce simulation, the Test Match Matting is the closest artificial surface to a real wicket, with a 6mm thick woven pile, the Test Match range provides real match delivery scenarios, testing your batsmen and your bowlers abilities. The Test Match matting is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, creating realistic practice environments for either training sessions, matches or both. With lengths available from 3m to 30m, the Test Match Grade range is guaranteed to provide the ultimate customisable wicket designed to meet your needs.

Moving on to an essential for our Cricket Matting range, the Run-up/Surround Cricket Matting, helping to provide a neat finish for your playing surface. With a 15m tufted grass pile, the Run-up/Surround matting range comes in four different widths to ensure we have every type of surface covered, the options being 1.2m, 2m, 2.74m and 4m. The Run-up/Surround matting is a must-have for any home, club or school that has their own artificial wicket, as maintenance is made easy with no need for any mowing or grass cutting.

Similarly, to improve your artificial wicket, our Shockpad/Underlay Cricket Matting is an absolute must for the ultimate real match simulation. Manufactured from 100% polyester, the Shockpad/Underlay comes in one width designed to suit all playing surfaces, whilst the underlay is available in lengths ranging from 3m up to 30m. The Shockpad/Underlay range features a premium quality 6mm thick shockpad that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The underlay ensures you have realistic bounce simulation on your artificial wickets making batting practice closer to a game situation, mimicking match delivery simulation.

To ensure you have everything you need to install your artificial pitch, we also stock a range of cricket matting accessories designed to make life as easy as possible for installation. The Flexibond Adhesive Glue is an essential for bonding artificial turf to hard surfaces, available in 10kg tubs, the glue is designed to cover approximately 15 square metres. The strong polyurethane based adhesive is extremely durable, and ensures your artificial wicket stays firmly secured to your flat surface. Inadequate mat adhesive can leave uneven glue lines on your artificial surface, ensure your surface does not suffer the same fate by using the Flexibond Adhesive Glue. Also in our accessories range is the Double-Sided Tape, designed to lay artificial turf out firmly on to hard surfaces, the tape is an ultra-strong fibreglass-reinforced white tape that ensures your matting is neatly stuck down to hard surfaces, minimising the risk of any creases.

Also in our cricket matting range is our selection of cricket mat trollies. With three different options, the cricket mat trolley comes with a one bay, two bays or four bay options, ensuring you have everything you need to store your artificial surfaces. The strong steel frames ensure that moving your artificial wickets is fast and convenient for both indoor and outdoor facilities.

At Net World Sports we strive to provide test match quality equipment at club prices. With a range of cricket matting designed for every type of facility, we believe our cricket matting range is guaranteed to provide the finest artificial wickets available. With an extremely quick service from checkout to delivery, we offer the ultimate package when it comes to upgrading your playing facilities. Ensure your team has the most realistic match wickets with Net World Sports’ cricket matting range, guaranteed to be a hit with your club. 

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