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Volleyball Net Antennas & Sheath

Pair of traditional red & white professional fibreglass volleyball net antennas for competitive use. Sheaths are included for easy and secure connection to volleyball nets.

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Get Your Net Competition Ready - Volleyball Net Antennas And Sheaths


• Antennas - FIVB Official - 5ft 11in (1.5m)

• Sheath - 2in Wide


• Antennas - Classic Red & White Striped

• Sheath - White


• Fibre Glass

Professional Volleyball Net Antennas & Sheath For Competitive Use

A compulsory attachment for all competitive volleyball matches; these fibre glass Antennas & Sheaths (or Pockets) are vertically attached on the top of each end of the volleyball net.

With incredibly simple attachment, your antenna sheaths will be securely fastened in no time. A quick release fastening mechanism is used to easily attach and detach the antennas & sheaths. 

Adhering to regulations, the volleyball antennas are mounted on the ends of the net, above the sidelines and not-in play. Your net will be fit for use during any competitive volleyball match thanks to these antennas.

Easy to use and assemble with your volleyball net, the long-lasting, durable volleyball net antennas are guaranteed to make an impression on your court, giving it a truly professional finish.

Please note; antennas are generally used for indoor competitive matches as opposed to its outdoor equivalent. 

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