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Bird Netting – The Most Effective & Human Solution

At Net World Sports we believe that anti bird netting is the most humane way to deal with unwanted birds. Whether you need to keep birds from stealing or damaging your crops or need to prevent droppings and infestation in city centres, bird netting is a universally recognised way of controlling these issues, from the UK and USA to Australia and New Zealand.

In order for anti bird netting to be effective, though, you need to use the best. Cheap bird control netting bought online is far too often damaged within months or even weeks of being purchased, wasting time and money spent buying and installing it. That’s why here at Net World Sports we only stock the best quality netting made from high density polyethylene, designed to withstand forces of up to 15kg, all priced to offer fantastic value. We’ve got a range of sizes of bird netting for sale from small to large, and if you can’t find a netting size that meets your requirements then check out our custom bird net listing for bespoke nets cut exactly to the size that you need.

Bird Netting for Garden

Millions of people across the world grow fruit and vegetables in their gardens, and almost every one of them will have had problems protecting them from birds. Small birds such as sparrows and starlings can give gardeners a headache as they feed on these fruit and vegetables. To solve this effectively and humanely a bird barrier is needed in the form of Net World Sports’ smaller meshed bird netting for gardens. Garden anti bird netting with a 19mm and 28mm mesh size are specially designed to keep out sparrows and starlings, and with a UV treated polyethylene twine you can rest assured that these garden nets will do so all year round, for years to come.

Fishing out leaves from your pond and cleaning up the damage that your pets have done to your flowers and plants are some of the common annoyances of any garden owner. But fear not, as keeping out pesky feral pests is not the only purpose that our anti bird netting can serve for your garden or allotment. As well as acting as a bird deterrent, our bird proof netting is also pet proof to prevent your cats, dogs, chickens and rabbits from getting to your plants, and the finer mesh sizes are perfect for keeping pets and leaves out of your pond.

The strength of the anti bird netting we provide means that it is hugely diverse. If you or your children enjoy playing sports in your garden such as football, cricket, rugby or even golf, then you can play safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to keep replacing your balls (or windows!) or retrieving them from the neighbours’ garden. Our 19mm meshed bird net is fine enough to be used as ball-stop netting for golf and hockey balls, in a sleek black, almost invisible finish. With a 15kg break threshold the durable, long lasting twine can stop those stray balls, from basketballs to netballs, from footballs to rugby balls.

Anti Bird Netting for Buildings

City centres are densely populated and the last thing that anyone wants is to be dodging droppings and low flying birds. Pigeons are aplenty in the city and they can often infest buildings or the roofs of multi-storey car parks and large structures, costing huge amounts of money to remove and fix any damages caused. By investing in Net World Sports’ UV stabilised pigeon bird netting, you’ll be ensuring the health and safety of your buildings and structures are maintained, without the need to replace them for up to 20 years. Moreover, you’ll be protecting the long-term aesthetics of your building, as the nearly invisible anti bird netting prevents droppings and nesting.

Another common pest control problem in towns and cities, particularly those near the seaside, is the loud and irritating presence of seagulls. These large birds can not only cause a bad smell and health risks, similar to pigeons, but also noise pollution as a result of their squawking. A nuisance for office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, train station and houses, other means of pest control to get rid of seagulls and larger birds are extremely expensive and are often needed regularly to act as a response rather than a preventative method. Similar to bird netting for garden, bird net is already used in these locations across the world, but you may not have noticed it due to its subtle appearance. That’s why knotted seagull bird netting with a 15kg break threshold and 75mm mesh is the ultimate solution to repel these pesky birds, and Net World Sport stock a variety of standard and custom sizes ready for lightening quick delivery. If you need some bespoke netting our team are always happy to help. Either pop up on our live chat function or call, you’ll always speak to a real person and get the answers you need to find the right anti bird netting for you.

Bird Control Netting for Pigeon and Pheasant Enclosures

Our 48mm bird nets are ideal for enclosing pigeons and pheasants. Whether your race pigeons are your prized possession, or you keep gamebirds such as pheasants, you can rely on our bird netting for garden or farms due to their high-density polyethylene composition. In stock at Net World Sports, our bird control netting will keep your birds safely controlled, away from foxes and other animals.

All of our bird netting is 100% waterproof to ensure that it doesn’t take on water in the cold conditions that winter can bring. Combined with the UV light stabilising treatment we give our netting, and its high resistance to chemicals, this makes our ultra-strong bird netting non-stretch. This maintains the effectiveness of the netting and ensures that it is always fit for purpose, but also maintains the aesthetics of the netting. Black and only 1mm thick, its appearance can blend into almost any surroundings without ruining the look of a building covered in culture or a superb new structure.

So have a look at our range of anti bird netting today, we’ve got you covered!

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