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Baseball Batting Cage Nets

The best quality baseball cage netting suitable for every occasion - don't miss out on our FORTRESS netting range, guaranted to take you to the MLB.

At Net World Sports we understand how much practice in the cage can help you reach the top of your hitting game. We have developed an exceptional Baseball Batting Cage Net range, guaranteed to either replace your current cage net or help you build your own baseball cage. We stock a variety of options and sizes in our netting range as we look to supply something for every aspiring baseball slugger.

Our range of FORTRESS Batting Cage Nets come in a vast amount of sizes, ensuring that we have every type of FORTRESS Batting Cage covered. Beginning with our range of one-piece FORTRESS batting cage nets, with sizes varying from our Mini Batting Cage Replacement Nets starting at 8ft x 8ft x 8ft – all the way to our largest size of 70ft x 14ft x 12ft. The FORTRESS replacement nets are available in three different grades; #36, #42 and #62, offering a variety of options when it comes to choosing your new net. The entire FORTRESS replacement net range includes built in tie cords and additional central roof salvage, whilst the vertical and horizontal edges are all manufactured with heavy-duty overlock edging for unrivalled reliability. The strong black netting is also UV stabilized and rot proof, making it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors since it cannot be damaged by sunlight. Also, the FORTRESS netting is made from knotted twine to ensure it can withstand those powerful hits during your hitting practice, as you improve your slugging percenta