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Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun - SRA3000 Tracer

A high quality, accurate speed radar gun, the SRA3000 Tracer is a must-have for any sport coaches. Complete with multiple modes and trigger system, measuring between 10-199mph.

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  • Point and shoot technology
  • Displays in MPH and KPH
  • Trigger or continuous modes
  • Quick read mode
  • Average speed statistic
  • Selectable audio indicator


  • Speed measurement range: 10-199mph or 16-320kph
  • Operating distance range : 60ft on ball & 1000ft on cars


  • Operates on 6 x standard AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Battery life = 100 hours
  • Auto shutdown to prolong battery life
  • Low battery indicator


  • Lightweight robust design
  • Weight: 0.8lbs / 362g


  • Mount for tripod (sold separately)
  • 1 year limited warranty

Catch your speed with the accurate SRA3000 Tracer Speed Radar Gun

The SRA3000 Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun will be an excellent addition to any sports coach’s training arsenal. Specifically designed to measure the speeds of most moving objects, the sports ball speed radar gun is made for sports use. As well as being able to measure the speed of your tennis serve, this speed guns wide repertoire includes cricket balls, hockey balls, footballs, athletes, motor cars / cycles, golf swings, cyclists and more. It’s simplicity and versatility is what makes this speed gun a must-have.

  • The SRA3000 Sports Ball Reader Speed Gun can take average speed measurements between 10mph (16kph) and 199mph (320kph).
  • Point and shoot technology makes this speed gun exceptionally easy to use.
  • Operating distance for sports balls is 60ft (18m) and 1000ft (305m) on cars.
  • Operates on 6 AAA batteries for a 100 hour battery life.
  • Auto shutdown to prolong battery.
  • Radar gun can be mounted to a tripod (sold separately) for steadier readings.  
  • Weight 362g (0.8lbs).

It’s easy-to-use design is also wonderfully lightweight and robust to provide a handholding option, which is useful when looking to record the speeds of quick moving sports action. For a more accurate reading, you can also mount the high-quality speed gun to a tripod (sold separately). It’s simple-to-use point and shoot technology allows for excellent accuracy when recording speeds of constantly changing situations. In order to ensure that the most reliable reading is achieved, the gun must be pointed directly at, or following the action your looking to measure (or within 10 degrees either side).

The Sports Ball Radar Speed gun has a variety of different mode options – continuous, quick read and trigger. The continuous read mode combined with the tripod allow for hands free operation and the quick read facility is perfect for measuring bat or club swing speeds. For faster flowing and unpredictable action, the trigger speed mode is designed to be able to adapt to changing situations. Once readings have been completed, this speed gun also possesses the ability to provide a average reading, so you can see how consistent you’ve been.

Speeds can be measured in mph (between 10-199mph) or km/h (between 16-320 km/h) and its long-lasting battery life (100 hours) means you’ll rarely have to worry about this gun running out of juice. The Sports Ball Radar Speed Gun is brilliantly cost effective in terms of quality of product and modes on offer which is why this speed gun is a class apart from the rest.

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