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Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths

Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths

  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
  • Slip Catch Cradle & Spare Laths
Transform your slip catching practice with this Slip Catch Cradle. Crafted using traditional wooden laths, the cradle features a 1.8m x 1.2m steel frame for supreme stability. Choice of fully-assembled or self-assembly available.

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In Stock

Transform Your Wicketkeeper & Slip Catching Training Sessions

Slip Catch Cradle For Wicketkeeper & Fielding Practice

Unpredictable Bounce

The 18 high-quality laths work together to create an unpredictable bounce to replicate the conditions of a match day. The sharp change of direction is ideal for wicketkeepers & slip catchers.

18 Wooden Laths | High-Quality Cricket Training Equipment

High-Quality Wood Design

Given a strong & stable base thanks to the premium-steel frame, the ultra-durable laths have been crafted from treated wood, allowing them to cope with consistent cricket ball activity.

Professional Slip Catching Training Drills | Durable Cricket Equipment

Choice Of Package

The Self Assembly option is available for immediate dispatch whereas our Fully Assembled Slip Catch Cradle comes with a 2-3 week lead time. Replacement Laths packages also available (8 or 20).


Traditional Wooden Slip Catch Cradle – The Ultimate Fielding Practice Tool

This high-quality Slip Catch Cradle will bring a whole new dynamic to your fielding practice. An excellent choice for slip-catching & wicketkeeper drills, the cradle features 18 traditional laths which are designed to provide a sharp, unpredictable bounce – replicating match-like conditions. An excellent choice of cricket training equipment for cricket clubs, schools and even home use, the Slip Catch Cradle is available in two styles; self-assembly (requires laths to be fixed to the frame) or fully-assembled, which allows you to begin your fielding practice the second it arrives. Alternatively, replacement laths are also available (pack of 8 or 20).

  • Slip Catch Cradle – Sharp, unpredictable bounce for slip catching & wicketkeeper training
  • Laths are crafted using premium wood for supreme durability
  • Features a 1.8m x 1.2m steel frame for excellent stability during use
  • Two options available: Self Assembly (Immediate Dispatch) & Fully Assembled (2-3 Week Lead Time)
  • Package includes: steel frame & 20 wooden laths (18 + 2 spares)
  • Replacement Laths also available in packs of 8 or 20

Hand-crafted from traditional treated wood, the quality of these laths is undeniable. Perfectly equipped to withstand regular cricket ball activity for many seasons to come, this Slip Catch Cradle will provide match-like conditions every time you train. Keeping the cradle firmly secure and stable is the premium-grade steel frame which each lath fixes to at three separate points. Measuring 1.8m x 1.2m, the cradle is a well-sized target for coaches to consistently hit in order to get the most out of your fielding practice. As well as the cradle, we also offer replacement wooden lath packages, which have been specifically designed for the Slip Catch Cradle.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require the Fully Assembled option, due to the additional manufacturing there will be an APPROXIMATE 2-3 WEEK LEAD TIME. Alternatively, the Self Assembly option is available for immediate dispatch.


Slip Catch Cradle Specifications


  • Cradle Size (with frame): 1.8m x 1.2m | 6ft x 4ft


  • Laths: Premium Treated Wood
  • Frame: High-Quality Steel


  • What You Get: 20 Laths (2 are spare) & Steel Frame
  • Self Assembly Option: Available for immediate dispatch
  • Fully Assembled Option: 2-3 week lead time due to additional manufacturing
  • Replacement Laths: Pack of 8 or 20 (specifically designed for Slip Catch Cradle)

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