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Replacement Caps For Ground Sockets [All Sizes]

Replacement caps for ground sockets. High quality plastic, rubber or metal to cover sockets when not in use. Range of sizes and shapes to fit multiple sports goals and posts. Sold individually.

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Plastic Socket Sizes

  • 34mm Plastic Round
  • 42mm Plastic Round
  • 48mm Plastic Round
  • 60mm Plastic Round

Rubber Socket Sizes

  • 76mm Rubber Round
  • 76mm Rubber Square
  • 80mm Rubber Round

Metal Socket Sizes

  • 110mm Metal Elliptical


  • Manufactured from high quality plastic, rubber or metal
  • Keep out unwanted materials whilst sockets are not in use
  • Range of shapes suitable for posts for various sports
  • Sold individually

Ensure Maximum Safety For Your Players With These Durable Socket Caps

Cover your sockets when not in use with these high quality socket caps. Ensure maximum safety at your training facility or at home and keep out unwanted materials by using these ground socket caps.

  • Available in seven sizes; 34mm, 42mm, 48mm, 60mm, 76mm, 80mm, 110mm.
  • Options for square and round, rubber and plastic caps suitable for a variety of sports
  • Drastically reduce the risk of injury caused by tripping over exposed ground sockets
  • Keep out unwanted materials to make inserting your posts as easy as possible
  • Manufactured from high quality plastic, rubber or steel

Socketed football goals, rugby posts, tennis posts and ball stop systems provide a firm, stable and safe piece of equipment with reduced risk of collapse. When you take your posts down, though, exposed sockets become a risk as they can easily be tripped over, which can cause major injury, so the use of socket caps is essential for any sports club or facility.

Our plastic and rubber socket caps are available in a range of sizes to fit the exact socket size you require. Our plastic socket caps are designed for use with sockets for football goals, rugby posts, ball stop posts and more, with our rubber socket caps designed for use with the Vermont tennis post sockets.

If you’re unsure about the size or material you need please call one of our helpful and friendly members of staff. Net World Sports stock a huge range of ground and court equipment for your facility, with ball stop netting, goal posts and more all available at astonishingly low prices.

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