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FORTRESS 360° Mobile Cricket Cage [Test Grade]

Easy to move FORTRESS 360° Mobile Cricket Net Cages for batting, bowling & wicket keeping practice. Heavy duty steel cage, 360° wheels, wicket keeper’s gate & 3mm test grade netting. Portable cricket cage measures 24ft/33ft long x 12ft wide x 12ft high and is available with or without high-quality impact absorbent post padding.

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The Ultimate Mobile Cricket Batting Cage And Net


  • Standard - 24ft Long x 12ft Wide x 12ft High (7m x 4m x 4m)
  • Extended - 33ft Long x 12ft Wide x 12ft High (11m x 4m x 4m)


  • Framework & hinged gate manufactured from heavy duty 40mm square x 3mm thick steel
  • Steelwork is galvanised treated for long life, it’s 100% resistant to rust & corrosion
  • Heavy duty 3mm thick, 48mm knotted, HDPP test grade cricket netting


  • Suitable for all ages and player standards up to county/test grade
  • Can be used and moved on all playing surfaces (grass/artificial/concrete)
  • Heavy duty design, 100% weatherproof, can be left outside
  • Frame colour = silver
  • Net colour = black
  • Welded steel corner joints bolt together for superior strength & reliability
  • Net is very strong, easy to hang, 100% weather/rot proof and UV treated for long life
  • Puncture proof 360° polyurethane castor wheels complete with push/pull bar for easy movement of cage via 1 person
  • Twine break strength of netting = 130kgs (286lbs)
  • Supplied with all-weather, UV treated plastic ties for quick, easy and tidy net attachment
  • Hinged steel gate with lock that opens rear of cage up for wicket keeping practice
  • Complete with high tensile steel nuts, washers and bolts
  • Available with black post protection pads to deter cricket ball rebounding off uprights
The Best Mobile Cricket Cage For Batting, Bowling & Wicket Keeping Practice

A made-to-last cricket cage designed for prolonged and extended use. The cricket net cage is extremely mobile meaning it is perfect for use at a variety of facilities including cricket grounds and school fields. Available in both 24ft (7m) length and 33ft (10m) length, this mobile cricket cage is sure to meet your every need and requirement.

  • Made from galvanised steel for an extra secure and long-lasting frame
  • Heavyweight 3mm HDPP cricket netting with 48mm knotted mesh included designed for prolonged use
  • Features 360° wheels with detachable pull/push bar for easy manoeuvrability and stability
  • Available in a standard 24ft (7m) size or an extended 33ft (11m)
  • Available with or without post protection padding
  • Frame measures 12ft (4m) wide and 12ft (4m) high for spacious practices
  • Batters end of cage opens up for wicket keeping practice
  • Supplied with assembly instructions for easy installation
  • Suitable for use by cricket players of all ages and abilities

This galvanised steel batting practice cage is perfect for all ages and abilities thanks to its extra safe and secure steel tubing and mesh netting system. On top of this, the cage has a movable crossbar which makes the cage more rigid and stable for moving or whilst not in use. The easy-swivel wheels makes manoeuvring the cage for cricket extremely easy. The puncture proof wheels ensure the batting cage can be transported and used on a variety of surfaces from grass to concrete.

This is a high quality, mobile cricket cage designed for consistent outdoor use. With its expertly engineered design this cricket cage will be robust and reliable for years to come. The galvanised steel tubing is built to withstand any potential damage from players or the weather and the thick HDPP netting has rot-resistant properties, ideal for year-round use. The cricket batting and bowling practice cages are available in two different sizes to ensure players of all ages and abilities can benefit from them. We offer a standard 24ft or extended 33ft length cage ensuring you have the option to pick which product suits your facilities best.

For friendly product advice or an installation quote, please contact our expert sales team.

What Makes The FORTRESS 360° Cage The Best:

Welded Connectors (Increased Stability/Rigidity) Polyurethane Castor Wheels (Effortless 360° Movement) 3mm Heavy Duty Cricket Netting Easy To Open/Close Wicket Door Reinforced Steel Construction (Rust-Resistant) Post Padding Upgrade Offer FORTRESS 360° ✔  ✔  ✔ ✔  ✔ ✔ COMPETITORS  Bolted Plates (Less Stable) Fixed/Swivel Wheel Combination  2mm/2.5mm Cricket Netting Fixed Back Wall (No Access)  Lower Grade Steel Not Available

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