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Luxury Dugout & Shelter Seats

Luxury dugout seats available in two different styles. Ultra-durable frame manufactured from powder coated steel. Customisable anti-fade marine vinyl outer casings and embroidered logos. Optional rustproof base pedestals and two stage heating system available.

Frequently bought together

Luxury Sports Seats With A Customisable, Crackproof Vinyl Casing

  • Base Pedestal & Heating System For Luxury Dugout Chairs

    Luxury Extras

    Choose from a rustproof base pedestal which secures the stadium seat in place, or a two stage thermostatic heating system to reduce the risk of muscle injuries.

  • Customisable Luxury Football Stadium Seats

    Match your Home Kit

    Customise the marine vinyl casing with up to three colours, contrast or tonal stitching and two embroidered logos to compliment your team’s kit.

  • Premium Football Stadium Seats

    Ultra-Durable Stadium Seating

    The seats are manufactured with BS EN specification steel fixings, a rustproof steel frame and an anti-fade crackproof marine vinyl outer casing.

Stadium Seat Dimensions

  • Premium: 44 ½ inches (113.5cm) tall and  23 inches (58cm) wide
  • Gold Standard: 47 inches (120cm) tall and 21 inches (54cm) wide


  • Seat casing: Crackproof marine vinyl
  • Frame: Rustproof powder coated steel
  • Fixings: Stainless steel
  • Base pedestal: Galvanised concrete bolts and a rustproof base unit


  • Customisable with up to 3 colours and tonal or contrast piping
  • Club sponsors or logos can be embroidered into head restraints
  • Images must be supplied in vector format, with confirmation of image rights
  • Logos must not exceed 7.1 inches (18cm) or 15,000 stitches
  • Two stage thermostatic heating system requires a 12 volt power supply
  • Luxury football dugout seats take approximately 2-3 weeks to be manufactured
  • Both models can be turned into recliner dugout seats
  • Installation available on request

Upgrade Your Dugout With These Rustproof Stadium Chairs Featuring Embroidered Logos

Ultra-durable dugout seats, manufactured with rustproof powder coated steel frames, available in the larger Premium model or the more compact Gold Standard. Customise each chair’s marine vinyl outer layer with up to three different colours and two embroidered logos. A base pedestal and two stage heating system can be added to both stadium seats to further enhance your match day equipment.

  • Dugout seats available in two styles.
  • Premium chair features shoulder support and an additional integrated head restraint.
  • Gold Standard option has a removeable headrest to easily swap sponsor logos.
  • Outer layer is manufactured from customisable, anti-fade and crackproof marine vinyl.
  • Rustproof powder coated steel frame.
  • A2 stainless steel fixings comply with BS EN standards for safety.
  • Embroidered logo branding available on request.
  • Optional base pedestal allows you to bolt the stadium seat to the floor.
  • Additional two stage thermostatic heating system keeps your muscles warm.

Both dugout chairs’ frames are manufactured from rustproof, powder coated steel, secured with BS EN standard, A2 specification stainless steel fixings. The seats’ marine vinyl outer layer will not crack or fade overtime and can be customised with up to three different colours and tonal or contrast piping. To really make you feel at home in the dugout, your clubs badge or sponsor can be embroidered into the stadium chair’s headrest. Logos must not be wider than 7.1 inches (18cm) or require less than 15,000 stitches.

Please note: The price for embroidered logos is included when ten or more luxury sports seats are purchased, otherwise you will be charged an additional cost for any embroidery.

Optional extras are available for both stadium seats, the first option is a rustproof base pedestal which allows you to bolt the seat into your dugout. The base pedestal attaches the dugout seat to the floor with heavy-duty, galvanised concrete bolts. The second option is a two-stage thermostatic heating system. Perfect for evening and winter matches, this heating system will keep you and your player’s muscles warm on the touchline. Ensuring they are always ready for action by minimising the risk of injury. The two stage heating system requires power from a 12 volt power supply.

The Premium stadium seat is 44 ½ inches (113.5cm) tall and 23 inches (58cm) wide with shoulder supports, which can be adjusted to open up to 23 ½ inches (59.5cm), this is designed to correct your posture whilst seated. Fitted with an integrated head restraint the Premium stadium chair allows a larger 8 ½ inch (22cm) wide and 6.3 inch (16cm) high logo to be embroidered onto the restraint in comparison to the Gold Standard dugout chair.

The Gold Standard stadium chair is slightly taller measuring 47 inches (120cm) but has a narrower footprint at 21 inches (54cm) wide. Overall the dugout chair has a more relaxed backrest, giving you the freedom to sit in whichever position you find most comfortable. Constructed with a removeable headrest, you can easily change sponsorship logos when required.

Please Note: Production lead time for custom dugout seats is approximately 2-3 weeks. For all quotes on stadium seating please contact us at: [email protected]