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Football Ball Pressure Gauge Reader

Football pressure gauge reader and one steel needle. Connect this reader to the FORZA Pump That Ball™ to receive accurate measurements in psi and bar during the inflation of footballs. Storage space for two spare needles is located on the back of the reader.

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Football Pressure Gauge Reader, With Housing For Two Extra Needles.


  • Ultra-durable plastic
  • Stainless steel needle


  • Measurements displayed in psi and bar
  • Single needle provided
  • Storage space for two additional needles (sold separately)
  • Football Pressure Gauge Reader is compatible with the FORZA Pump That Ball™
Analogue Football Air Pressure Gauge Reader With Bar And Psi Measurements.

Receive accurate readings displayed in psi and bar with the use of this plastic, football ball pressure gauge reader. Equipped with one stainless steel needle, the gauge can be used to deflate, over inflated footballs and also has storage room for two additional needles. Attach this gauge to the FORZA Pump That Ball™ to recieve measurements whilst you pump up footballs. 

  • Football Pressure Gauge Reader displays readings in psi and bar.
  • Gauge is supplied with one stainless steel needle.
  • Storage room is located on the back of the reader for two additional needles.
  • Capable of deflating footballs.
  • Attaches to the FORZA Pump That Ball™.

Quickly check air pressure by inserting this gauge’s needle into your football’s valve. Readings will be shown in psi and bar, providing you with accurate measurements in your preferred metric. The football pressure gauge reader’s stainless steel needle can also be used to deflate over inflated balls, allowing you to tailor your football to your preference. Room for two spare needles is located on the back of the reader’s plastic housing.

You can attach this Football Pressure Gauge Reader to the FORZA Pump That Ball™ to precisely inflate your football. Simply screw the pressure gauge onto the top of the pump. Connecting the two products together allows you to see the pressure inside your football as you inflate it, minimising the chances of over inflation.  

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Football Size/Type Bar Air Pressure Level Psi Air Pressure Level Size 5 (Adult 14+) 0.6 - 1.1  8.7 - 15.9 Size 4 (Ages 9 - 14) 0.6 - 1.1  8.7 - 15.9  Size 3 (Ages 6 - 9) 0.6 - 1.1 8.7 - 15.9 Size 2 (Ages 4 - 5) 0.6 - 1.1 8.7 - 15.9 Futsals (Size 3 & 4) 0.4 - 0.6 5.8 - 8.7
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