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AquaTec Dry Bag Rucksacks [5 Sizes]

High-quality waterproof backpack designed to store & protect your gear & clothing whilst you carry out outdoor sports including kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, & more. Made using waterproof material with a rucksack design for extra comfort when carrying. Available in 5x capacities.

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AquaTec Waterproof Bags – Perfect For Protecting Your Belongings

AquaTec Dry Bag Rucksack Specifications

Available Options:

  • 10L Orange Rucksack
  • 15L Yellow Rucksack
  • 20L Aqua Rucksack
  • 30L Black Rucksack
  • 40L Dark Blue Rucksack


  • 10L Bag: 20cm D x 48cm H | 8in D x 19in H
  • 15L Bag: 22cm D x 56.5cm H | 8.5in D x 22in H
  • 20L Bag: 23.5cm D x 59cm H | 7in D x 23in H
  • 30L Bag: 28cm D x 63cm H | 11in D x 25in H
  • 40L Bag: 28cm D x 72cm H | 11in D x 28in H


  • Durable & lightweight 500D PU waterproof material
  • Strong plastic grab handle


  • Available in 5x sizes & 5x colours
  • Waterproof bag to protect your belongings
  • Easy to wipe clean

Additional Information:

    To ensure excellent water resistance follow the steps below:
  • Tightly, and carefully roll the bag over 5 times, each fold should be the width of the top strap
  • Fasten the side buckles to create an easy to grab handle
  • We advise leaving some air in the bag, so it appears inflated when fastened, this can help with buoyancy if required
  • Ensure bags are correctly closed, and check for water resistance before each session

AquaTec Dry Bag – Premium Quality Waterproof Backpacks For All Outdoor Sports

Lightweight & spacious dry bags are an essential piece of kit for outdoor sports & water sports. Perfect for longer trips & overnight stays to hold all your gear & equipment. The rucksack dry bags are designed to ensure your belongings are protected from rain showers, water splashes, snow & mud. The high-quality waterproof roll top backpacks have capacities of 10L to 40L, allowing you to separate wet items from the dry as you can hold smaller dry bags inside. The rucksack design with two shoulder straps & a plastic grab handle is designed for longer trips & excellent user comfort when carrying.

  • AquaTec Dry Bag Rucksack – Perfect option to protect your belongings from getting wet
  • Ideal for water sports to protect your belongings from splashes whilst on the lake/sea
  • Made using lightweight 500D PU waterproof material for excellent durability & lasting use
  • Rucksack design with two shoulder straps & plastic grab handle for user comfort/convenience
  • Available in 5 sizes: 10L (Orange), 15L (Yellow), 20L (Aqua), 30L (Black) & 40L (Dark Blue)

AquaTec Dry Bag Rucksack Size Guide:

Bag Capacity

Diameter (cm)

   Height (cm)      Weight Capacity (kg)
10L Dry Bag 20 48   10
15L Dry Bag 22 56.5  15
20L Dry Bag 23.5 59  18
30L Dry Bag 28 63  28
40L Dry Bag 28 72 35

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend leaving these bags in water for a prolonged period. If it is dropped in water, please recover as soon as you can.

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