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StadiumMax Superdry Multi-Surface Squeegee [60L Water Capacity]

Remove surface water in minutes with the efficient StadiumMax Superdry Machine. Simple to use, the Superdry can collect up to 60L of water per minute without damaging the surface – ideal for sports pitches & courts. Quick to empty as the integrated tank features twin plugs.

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Bowdry Multi-Surface Squeegee Specifications


  • Roller: Ultra-absorbent foam
  • Roller Frame: Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Handle: Rust & Corrosion-Resistant Metal


  • Bowdry can collect up to 60L of water per minute
  • Squeegee has an easy-drain storage tank for excess water (centre of roller)
  • Extremely user-friendly thanks to large foam roller & useful handle


  • Compact design allows for easy storage
  • Suitable for: grass, AstroTurf, clay, artificial turf, hard non-porous surfaces
  • Bowdry is an ideal groundskeeping accessory for tennis, cricket, football, rugby, hockey, American football and golf
Quick & Efficient Water Removal With The StadiumMax Superdry Squeegee

Ridding sports pitches & tennis courts of standing water has never been so simple thanks to the innovative StadiumMax Superdry Multi-Surface Squeegee. The most efficient water-removing tool as the StadiumMax Superdry has the capacity to collect up to 60 litres of water per minute, giving you a water-free playing surface in no time at all. The user-friendly design ensures anyone can use it, with the large foam roller able to glide effortlessly over any area without damaging the playing surface as it goes. As well as the foam roller, the StadiumMax Superdry also features a large built-in storage tank for excess water. Once full, the central tank can be easily emptied using the valve on the side of the roller. The compact design ensures the StadiumMax Superdry Multi-Surface Squeegee is super-easy to store.

  • StadiumMax Superdry Squeegee – Ideal for tennis courts, sports pitches & golf courses
  • Squeegee has capacity to collect up to 60L of water per minute
  • Durable foam roller absorbs water without damaging the playing surface
  • Extremely user-friendly thanks to the comfortable & ergonomic handle
  • Integrated tank collects the water & can easily be emptied using the twin plugs 
  • Compact design ensures easy storage
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