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Socketed Steel Cricket Cage [Club Spec]

Unrivalled choice of cricket cages for club, school or home use. These galvanised steel cricket cages come in a variety of different sizes and with a 48mm rot proof mesh net.

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Socketed Steel Cricket Cage Specifications

Cricket Cage Sizes:

  • 24ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H | 7.3m L x 3m W x 3m H
  • 24ft L x 12ft W x 12ft H | 7.3m L x 3.6m W x 3.6m H
  • 36ft L x 10ft W x 10ft H | 11m L x 3m W x 3m H
  • 36ft L x 12ft W x 12ft H | 11m L x 3.6m W x 3.6m H
  • 48ft L x 12ft W x 12ft H | 14.6m L x 3.6m W x 3.6m H
  • 60ft L x 12ft W x 12ft H | 18.2m L x 3.6m W x 3.6m H
  • 72ft L x 12ft W x 12ft H | 22m L x 3.6m W x 3.6m H
  • 84ft L x 12ft W x 12ft H | 24.6m L x 3.6m W x 3.6m H

Steel Diameter:

  • 34mm (3mm thickness) - Suitable for use in a home set up
  • 42mm (3mm thickness - Perfect for use at home or by clubs & schools
  • 48mm (3mm thickness) - Ideal for clubs, schools & councils


  • Choose between 1-6 bays
  • Netting is supplied in pieces for ease of installation
  • Galvanised key clamp corner brackets & ground sockets
  • Ground sockets require concreting in place (concrete not included)
  • Knotted 2mm thick 48mm mesh net

Image shows three bay option.

Socketed Steel Cricket Cage – Choose Your Size, Number Of Bays And Steel Thickness

This professional cricket cage package will transform the look of your practice facilities, and have you spending countless hours in the nets perfecting the fine art of batting and bowling. The ability to choose your own size of cage, tube thickness and amount of bays required will ensure you get exactly what you need from your cricket practice net.

  • Choose Your Size – Cricket Cages available in sizes from 24ft x 10ft x 10ft to 84ft x 12ft x 12ft
  • Choose Your Bays - Customise your cricket cages with 1 to 6 bays
  • Choose Your Tube Thickness - Galvanised steel tubing comes in three sizes 34mm, 42mm and 48mm
  • All cricket cages come with a knotted 2mm thick 48mm rot proof net

These cricket nets are bringing the professional feel to back gardens, cricket clubs and schools. The ability to totally customise your cricket cage package will ensure that everyone from home hitters to club champions are well catered for.

If you dream of one day representing your country in red ball or white ball cricket then the 1 bay cricket cage for home use will help you reach that goal. The 34mm thick tube will be perfect for creating a training hub at home, and the rot proof netting will ensure the cage will perform to test match standards all year round.

For cricket clubs and schools the ability to customise the number of bays you need gives you total control on the set-up of your cricket practice facilities. If you are a local cricket club with 30 members or a thriving club side with well over 100 members, choose between 1 to 6 bays to ensure everyone has ample opportunities to practice their batting and bowling.

The sizes on offer are representative of the space and requirements you have. A 24ft cage is the most cost effective and would be great for the back garden, a 48ft cage will give you the positives of a protected run up for your seam bowlers, and an 84ft cage offers you a set-up that will allow for a fully contained training area.

The premium grade, supple 48mm mesh nets allow for the ball to be carefully caressed into them with little to no damage to its surface area. They hang perfectly and look elegant but make sure you select the right height for your spinners, any cage longer than 42ft would ideally need to be 12ft high in order to stop those floated deliveries ending up on the roof!

The difference in tube thickness is representative of the environments they are intended for. A 34mm thick galvanised steel tube will be perfect for home use, a 42mm thick tube will be ideal for multiple bays chosen for cricket clubs and schools and the ultra-thick 48mm tubing would be best used in municipal parks and public spaces. One thing to consider is the thicker the tubing the more ricochets occur.

These cricket cages will give you every opportunity to unearth the next Joe Root, Mitchell Starc or Virat Kohli. Invest in top quality and give yourself the ability to practice in professional facilities both at home or at your local club that will last the test of time.

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