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Speed & Agility Rugby Training Ladder

Rugby speed ladder for improving agility, leg speed, reaction and coordination. Adjustable rungs suit coaching of all ages. Flat rungs minimise risk of injury.

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  • Speed training ladder

    Flat Surface For Safety

    The surface of each rung is flat to drastically reduce the risk of injury caused by players tripping over the ladder.

  • Rugby training ladder

    Adjustable Ladder Rungs

    To enable effective footwork development of players of all ages, the ladder can be adjusted to modify the distance between rungs.

  • Attachable Ladder Ends

    Each end of the ladder can be attached to another ladder to extend the distance, providing a more enduring challenge to players.


  • Lengths available: 3m (10ft) or 6m (20ft)
  • Width: 40cm (16in)
  • Rungs: 6 (3m ladder) or 12 (6m ladder)


  • Adjustable rungs can be slid up and down the ladder edges
  • Flat rung surfaces to reduce risk of injury
  • Highly durable and strong plastic rungs


  • Speed ladder ends can be joined to another ladder for a longer, more challenging workout


Our Rugby Speed & Agility ladder is perfect for rugby coaching sessions, training drills and workout sessions. Designed for improving mobility through stride technique, coordination, and speed, everything you need to be top of your game.

  • Available in two lengths: 3m (10ft) or 6m (20ft)
  • Rungs slide up and down the ladder edges so the gaps can be easily adjustable
  • Flat, professional-style rungs as opposed to round shaped alternatives to minimise risk of injury
  • Speed ladder ends can be joined together if you require a longer layout for a more challenging workout
  • Ladder is made from strong, durable plastic rungs and nylon edges

Available in two different sizes this ladder is suitable for anyone from beginners through to professionals. Great for rugby clubs of all sizes or even for the garden to get in some extra training.

The ladder rungs lie flat to reduce the chance of tripping and causing injury, meaning you can keep playing to your full potential. Its sleek design allows you to move the rungs up and down the ladder, allowing you to adjust the gaps to tailor it to your ability and workout style.

Our rugby training ladder comes in varying lengths, so you can choose 3m or 6m, depending on your needs. If you're looking for a greater challenge, then you can add another ladder. The end of the ladders quickly and easily join to each other, increasing their length and increasing your workout.

Convert your training session into top league standards with our great value speed ladder. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this agility ladder is an essential in your rugby training equipment.

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