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Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]

Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]

  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
  • Harrier Garden Fleece [11x Sizes]
Protect your plants & crops from frost using our heavy-duty garden fleeces. Made from PP fabric, these plant covers allow water, light & air to pass though whilst shielding the plants from cold/frosty weather. Available in 11x sizes & 2x thickness (17gsm & 30gsm) with optional pegs.

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Harrier Garden Fleece - Protect Plants From Cold Weather

garden fleece

11x Size Options

Ideal for all garden sizes, the plant fleeces are available in widths of 1m, 2m & 4m with a choice of 17gsm or 30gsm thicknesses. The 30gsm is heavy duty & designed for harsher weathers.

horticulture fleece

Various Uses

There are many uses for the horticultural fleeces including protecting plants from frost, wind & hail or they can also be used to protect the soil, keep pests away & insulate greenhouses/cold frames.

fleece cover

Protect Plants/Crops

For temperatures between -5° to 6°, we recommend using the heavy duty 30gsm garden fleece where as the light duty 17gsm is better in higher temperatures & can be used for temperatures around -2°.


Harrier Plant Fleece – Ensure All Crops & Flowers Are Protected In Cold Weather

An essential for all gardeners, these horticulture fleeces ensure seedlings, shrubs & fruit/veg are covered from hard frosts & cold weather. Made using premium PP fabric, these crop protectors can be laid on top of flower beds or can be used to insulate greenhouses & cold frames whilst preventing condensation. For temperatures between -5/6 degrees we recommend using the thicker 30gsm garden fleece. The light duty 17gsm can also be double layered for better plant protection. Available in 3 widths: 1m, 2m or 4m (3ft, 6.5ft, 13ft) & 4 lengths: 10m, 25m, 50m or 100m (33ft, 82ft, 164ft, 328ft). Durable plastic pegs are also an optional upgrade which can be used to secure the heavy-duty garden fleece to the ground.

  • Available in 11x sizes to suit all flowerbeds & planters – Excellent for all gardeners
  • Plant protection covers come in 2x thickness (17gsm/30gsm) to guard the flowers/crops
  • Ideal for laying on top of crops or can be used to insulate greenhouses, frames & tunnels
  • Made using non-woven PP fabric which is strong & durable for long lasting use all year round
  • Designed to allow water, light & air pass through to ensure the plants have ideal growing conditions
  • Each of the horticultural fleeces are easy to cut to the shape of the garden, raised beds & more

How Many Pegs Are Included?

Garden Fleece Size (W x L) Number Of Pegs
1m x 10m (3ft x 33ft) 20
1m x 25m (3ft x 82ft) 30
1m x 50m (3ft x 164ft) 60
2m x 10m (6.5ft x 33ft) 20
2m x 25m (6.5ft x 82ft) 30
2m x 50m (6.5ft x 164ft) 60
2m x 100m (6.5ft x 328ft) 110
4m x 10m (13ft x 33ft) 30
4m x 25m (13ft x 82ft) 40
4m x 50m (13ft x 164ft) 60
4m x 100m (13ft x 328ft) 110


Harrier Garden Fleece Specifications

Available Sizes:

  • 1m x 10m | 3ft x 33ft
  • 1m x 25m | 3ft x 82ft
  • 1m x 50m | 3ft x 164ft
  • 2m x 10m | 6.5ft x 33ft
  • 2m x 25m | 6.5ft x 82ft
  • 2m x 50m | 6.5ft x 164ft
  • 2m x 100m | 6.5ft x 328ft
  • 4m x 10m | 13ft x 33ft
  • 4m x 25m | 13ft x 82ft
  • 4m x 50m | 13ft x 328ft
  • 4m x 100m | 13ft x 328ft

Available Thicknesses:

  • 17gsm or 30gsm


  • Non-woven PP fabric – heavy duty for lasting use


  • Colour: White
  • Upgrade to include pegs to secure the fleece into the ground
  • Ideal option to protect bedding plants, vegetables & shrubs
  • Please Note: If the garden fleeces are cut then warranty is invalid