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FORZA Adjustable Netball Posts [Freestanding]

Ideal for clubs, schools & home use, the freestanding FORZA Netball Goal Posts feature a wheeled base for complete portability. Innovative design allows you to adjust height of netball hoop between 2.5-3.05m (regulation). Weather-resistant steel construction for year-round use. Add pole padding in the essentials below.

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FORZA Netball Posts Specifications


  • Adjustable Height: 2.47m – 3.05m | 8ft – 10ft
  • Rim Diameter: 38cm | 15in
  • Weight: 9kg | 20lbs


  • Hoop: Premium-grade steel (weatherproof)
  • Pole: Premium-grade steel (weatherproof)
  • Base: Ultra-heavy-duty HDPE


  • Netball posts feature a wheeled base for simple portability
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Telescopic posts allow simple adjustment of height without requiring tools
  • Posts & hoop conform to official Netball Federation Goalpost regulations
  • For optimum stability, we recommend filling the base with sand
  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS: FORZA Netball and/or FORZA Pump That Ball
FORZA Adjustable Netball Posts – Wheel Based For Simple Portability

An excellent choice for netball clubs, schools & home use, the high-quality FORZA Netball Posts bring a premium element to all netball courts. Innovatively designed with a telescopic pole, these freestanding netball posts can be easily adjusted to any height between 2.47m-3.05m (regulation hoop height). Suitable for indoor & outdoor use, the elite steel pole combines with the ultra-robust HDPE base for a long-lasting, weatherproof performance. Completely freestanding & suited to any netball playing surface, the FORZA Netball posts feature a wheel-based for simple portability. Optional extras include a FORZA Netball and/or a high-quality FORZA Ball Pump.

  • FORZA Garden Netball Posts – Ideal for netball clubs, schools & domestic use
  • Telescopic pole allows for easy adjustment of height between 2.47m-3.05m
  • Pole is engineered using premium-grade steel for supreme longevity
  • HDPE base provides exceptional stability (can be filled with sand or water)
  • Netball hoop measures 38cm (diameter) – conforms with official regulations
  • Posts are freestanding & feature a wheel-based design for simple portability
  • Optional Extras: High-quality FORZA Netball and/or FORZA Pump That Ball

PLEASE NOTE: For optimum stability, we recommend filling the base with sand. Water can be used but MUST be mixed with anti-freeze formula for protection against damage during colder conditions.

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