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FORTRESS Technique Cricket Training Balls

The FORTRESS Technique Cricket Ball is an essential training aid for bowlers to develop ball release. Double flat sided ball encourages bowlers to have correct ball release & pitch off the seam. Ideal coaching aid for instant feedback. Packs of 1 or 6 available.

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Flat Sided Cricket Ball - Develop Your Cricket Bowling Techniques



  • Ball Weight: 150g | 5.3 oz.


  • PVC outer layer
  • Cork core


  • Double flat sided ball
  • Raised seam
  • Suited for indoor & outdoor use
  • Colours: Red
FORTRESS Technique Cricket Ball - Essential Cricket Coaching Equipment

The practice cricket balls are the perfect coaching aid for players looking to master their ball release. Designed with double flat sides, the FORTRESS Cricket Training Balls ensure that a correct bowl will carry through to the stumps providing easier tracking movement for coaches. Also, the flat side feature helps bowlers have the correct ball hold & release when aiming to be pitching off the seam. Used by professionals, the unique cricket ball provides instant visual feedback on direction of the seam in the air & rotation of the ball. This allows coaches to understand what the ball is doing in the air after the release & aid bowlers to improve their technique. Boasting a raised seam for a traditional cricket ball feel, the technique ball has a PVC outer layer with a cork centre & weighs 150g. Packs of 1 or 6 available.

  • Allows bowlers to perfect their straight line ball release to take their game to the next level
  • Unique double flat ball design develops ball holding with easier ball traction for coaches
  • Essential for coaches looking to aid their bowlers & take their game to a professional level
  • Flat cricket ball has a traditional cricket ball feel with a raised seam & features a cork centre
  • Technique ball can be used as a useful catching aid – packs of 1 or 6 available

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