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Anti-Vandal Metal Mesh Cricket Sight Screen

Anti-Vandal Metal Mesh Cricket Sight Screen

  • Anti-Vandal Cricket Sight Screen | Net World Sports
  • Anti-Vandal Cricket Sight Screen | Net World Sports

Anti-vandal metal mesh cricket sight screen designed to minimise potential damage. Ideal for cricket clubs to leave unattended. Available in 6m or 4m wide, & as single or pair.


Strong & Durable Anti-Vandal Sight Screen For Cricket Clubs & Schools

These anti-vandal sight screens offer are made from the strongest galvanized steel mesh to act as a precautionary measure against acts of vandalism. The heavy-duty materials can withstand strikes from hard-hitting batsman and are also extremely tamper proof, meaning they can be left in place at your ground without the threat of damage by intruders.

  • Cricket sight screen is available as 4m wide x 4m high or 6m wide x 4m high
  • 4 galvanised steel sheets which have been perforated to reduce wind resistance
  • 4 galvanised steel wheels making your cricket sight screen fully portable
  • Perfect anti-vandal option for schools or cricket clubs where screens need to be left outside 24-7
  • Available as a single sight screen or a pair of cricket sight screens

This anti-vandal cricket screen is mounted on a fully galvanised steel frame which measures at 4m wide x 4m high or 6m wide x 4m high, depending on the size you chose for all cricket clubs and schools full of future cricket stars.

The anti-vandal metal mesh sight screen features 4 heavy duty galvanised steel sheets instead of planks to minimise potential damage. Each sheet is 1m x 3.7m and is perforated to reduce wind resistance and help keep the sight screen stable. Each sheet is powder coated white on one side, which helps prevent rust and increase the lifespan of your cricket sight screen.

The four wheels that come with this cricket sight screen are manufactured from galvanised steel and measure 32.5cm diameter x 10cm. The wheels allow your cricket sight screen to be fully portable, meaning you have the option to easily wheel the screen to multiple locations.

Not only can you chose between 4m wide and 6m wide sight screens, you can choose between a single cricket sight screen or a pair of sight screens, depending on the requirements of your cricket club. Simply select your option from the drop down menu above.

Please note the image on this product is of the 6m x 4m version - this item is available as 6 metres wide as well as 4 metres wide.

Please Note: Our range of sight screens are made to order, and there is a wait time of up to 2 weeks prior to standard dispatch. If you require the sight screens to be setup and installed, then please contact us for a quote.



  • Perforated galvanized steel sheet – one side powder coated
  • Durable steel frame
  • Galvanised steel wheels
  • Framework uses BZP Bolts with Nyloc nuts


  • Overall screen size is 4m x 4.1m or 6m x 4.1m
  • Wheels measure at 32.5cm diameter x 10cm
  • Uprights 5cm x 5cm x 0.3cm Box section
  • Intermediate Steel 4cm x 4cm x 0.3cm Box section
  • Back Brace 4cm x 4cm x 0.3cm Box section
  • Base frame 10cm x 5cm x 0.5cm Box section
  • Main beam 10cm x 5cm x 0.4cm Box section


  • Complete with 10 year structural guarantee
  • Perforated sight sheet to reduce wind resistance
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